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For two years now Dr. Jules has been cohost of a live session/showcase organised at Sounds Dischoteque in Luebeck, Germany on the last Friday of every month. The purpose of this evening has been to provide up and coming bands or other acts  in the Luebeck area a platform where they can showcase their work before they are ready to perform a more complete gig. Since we could not always rely on bands turning up, we developed a house band and a programme to accompany these sessions. This band eventually became a core part of the evenings entertainment, and allowed a number of Luebecks top musicians to get together to play in a new format.

In the end we developed a programme that could easily fill out a complete evenings entertainment, and we have currently accumulated around 50 pieces in all. Thanks to the onstage presence of club owner Christian Hopsing Kahl, whose love of everything hard and heavy is clear to see, the bands repertoire is also noticeably heavier and includes pieces by the likes of Metallica, AC DC, Van Halen, Papa Roach and Limp Biskit.


The regular line up is

  • Dr. Jules - Piano and Vocals
  • Christian Hopsing Kahl - Electric Guitar
  • Lukas Kowalski - Guitars
  • Rudiger isler - Bass
  • Andre Kappes - Drums
We are also sometimes joined by other musicians who also grace Dr. Jules and Friends, notably Ralph Schlunk (sax),  Holm Gerrett (Bass), Christian von Seebeck (Bass) and Heiko Siebert (Guitars).


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